Setting the night on fire

May 2015

There's no better way to spend the summer than at the beach with live music. But when you throw in fire dancers in the mix, you get a recipe for a truly memorable vacation.

That's what guests were treated to last April 18 at Matabungkay Beach Hotel at Torch, the follow-up party to the successful H2.0 pool launch just a week before. As guests trickled in after a relaxing dinner at Café Caballero, the event begun with the opening live band, setting the evening's tone with some light pop jams. Guests grooved in their seats, while some had enough courage to stand and dance.

When the fire dancers showed up, they literally lit up the evening with their acrobatic pyrotechnics. Wowing guest, both young and old, the fiery performers made one trick after another with their flaming batons and sticks. Displaying skill and showmanship, the fire dancers were truly a spectacle.

Guests can expect Matabungkay to continue holding exciting parties like Toch and H2.0 to make their beach vacation more memorable. Keep following us on our Facebook page and website to find out when the next happening is!