Star Spangled Fun at Matabungkay

Main Pool

As a country that has embraced different influences from various cultures, we have come to celebrate the holidays of other countries as well. That's why we threw our very own party in honor of 4th of July: the Star Spangled Splash Saturday!

Held last July 25, 2015, Saturday night, guests from the city came in droves, booking the hotel to near capacity. Some were there for the beach, others for the party, but everybody came to have a good time. And that's exactly what they found when the evening's hosts – Bien Rivera and Ramone Rodriguez of The Voice Philippines fame – came up on stage and went right into a song number.

Fans of The Voice were delighted to see Ramone do one song after the other and tease her audience in between. Bien, who proved to be a talented singer as well, belted out some classic pop songs. The pair then launched into the games of the evening that proved quite challenging but fun. From beer chugging to jumbo hotdog and Grandma (Grand Matabungkay) Burger eating contests, there was no shortage of competitive consumption that night.

The star of the night was undoubtedly Patricia Javier who showed up elegantly dressed and ready to wow the crowd. She swooned her audience with one love song and pop song after the other. In the last half of her set, she went behind her turntable and her DJ persona took over, mixing infectious beats that lasted into the night.

Bidding the audience good bye, the long time star, thanked Matabungkay Beach Hotel and her fans and hoped to party with them again soon. If you weren't able to be part of our Splash Saturday, don't worry, we'll be having another one soon!

Mhayzie meets Matabungkay

Our winner, Mhayzie (2nd from left), with MBH President Charley Antonio (3rd from left).

Joining us for our first Splash Saturday party was our Facebook Like and Share contest was Mhayzie Rural. Mhayzie was chosen randomly among thousands of contestants who Liked and Shared the Star Spangled event poster.

Mhayzie, who was joined by her boyfriend, took the time away from their busy Manila schedule to laze around the beach the next day, swim, and soak up the sun. Just like city dwellers, Mhayzie also feels the pressure and stress of the urban jungle. That's why when she found out she won a free overnight stay at Matabungkay Beach Hotel to attend the Splash Saturday party, she cleared her schedule right away.

If you wish to be part of our upcoming parties, we always hold contests on our Facebook page. So if you like the beach, you'll like us!