Matabungkay Stands Up to Cancer

Main Pool

October 24 and 25, Lian, Batangas – Water sports enthusiasts came out in numbers to support the Pink Paddle Project, a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Boarding event for the Carewell Community, at Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

SUPping (pronounced like 'wassup!'), unlike traditional surfing where surfers have to catch a wave, has its paddlers stay upright on their boards and paddle away to wherever they want to go. The sport has a big following worldwide and has a growing community in the Philippines.

Experienced SUPpers like Filisup's Tono Legarda, who holds SUP Taal Lake tours, held a clinic over the weekend, teaching first timers how to SUP. Adults and kids alike took to the sport like fish to water as they participated in a friendly relay race last Sunday.

SUPpers like Buzzy Budlong, who also holds clinics and tours in Cebu through his firm, Island Buzz, has high hopes for the sport, thanks to events like this one. SUPping is an ideal sport for Filipinos because we have many great beaches and you can do it anywhere there is water, he expressed. Matabungkay Beach Hotel President Charley Antonio is supportive of SUPping, launching the first SUP center in Luzon at her resort over the weekend.

Apart from SUPping, participants of the Pink Paddle Project were treated to light football games with the Chelsea Football Club who came in to support breast cancer awareness month. Star players like Phil and James Younghusband joined the matches.

The Pink Paddle Project was organized with Carewell, the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community, a nonprofit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to persons with cancer and their loved ones.

Those interested in supporting Carewell may visit