Batangas Food Fest at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

With the semestral break just around the corner, Matabungkay Beach Hotel beckons us to come and enjoy the sun, beach and their surprisingly delicious Batangas Food Festival (BFF).

As a preview, we trooped to Matabungkay, which is 2.5 hours away from Quezon City, expecting to be surprised and delighted with the new dishes. And we were not disappointed. The well – loved Batangas cuisine was given a new life and presented with a tweak and a twist by the Adobo Queen herself, Ms, Nancy Reyes-Lumen.

The BFF Food Trip features dishes like Adobong Barako (coffee in your adobo for a bit of a caffeine kick), Paella Ala Eh, Sinaing na Bangus Belly, Rodrigo’s Roast among others, and these quirky Suam Mushi (suam na mais made into Japanese mushi) and Pistang Pate by Chef Jaja Andal

For dessert, we were amused with the playful Bikong Batangas, Suman ala Churros con Tablea chocolate and Galapong Puti. Who says local cuisine is boring? These are definitely, happy food.

The Batangas Food Festival is an on-going promotion until the end of the year. for more information, do visit their website or visit their FB page.