We’re All In This Together

Dear guests,

All around the world, the coronavirus has had a profound effect on the lives and economies of people from all walks of life. Each day brings new developments and we are still unsure about how or when this pandemic will be resolved. It’ll take some time the experts say, but this too shall pass.

Right now, time is what we have a lot of, as we stay at home to protect each other. So in this issue, we’d like to share with you some ideas and tips on how to make the most of your quarantine time. From meditation to exercise to cooking, there’s a variety of activities we can all try to make the best use of our days.

For us at Matabungkay, we’re using this time to maintain the resort. Our stay-in housekeeping team follow the WHO guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning as well as social distancing.

This way, our guests who had to postpone their stays with us can expect to come back to a Matabungkay that is fresh and rejuvenated. We know that when this pandemic is over, everyone will want a vacation from this ordeal.

Stay tuned on our social media sites for updates on what we have in store for you in the future. We know times are tough, but let’s look to the future with hope and plans. These are the things that can help us in our day to day. Stay safe and we will see you at Matabungkay soon!

Matabungkay Beach Hotel