Meet the MBH Family

Hospitality comes from the heart, and what would Matabungkay Beach Hotel (MBH) be without its people? They form the very heart of it.

Meet MBH’s three loyal staff who have been with the resort the longest. They have helped shape MBH to what it is today from its roots as a members-only club to an open-to-all resort. Together with the rest of the MBH team, they keep the resort in good shape, ready to receive guests in need of a relaxing time at the beach and send them back home with Matabungkay memories.

From the Ground Up: Yolanda

No one knows the ins and outs of Matabungkay Beach Hotel like Yolanda Javier. As the Housekeeping Manager of MBH, she has been with the resort for over 37 years, having started in 1981 when she was just 18-years-old.

“MBH gave me my first experience working in the hotel industry,” recounts Yolanda. “I was given the opportunity to work and finish college at the same time.”

Yolanda got her start in the F&B department and then joined the Accounting Department as a cashier up to 1995. She took a four-year break from work, returning in 1999 where she became a Front Office supervisor up to January 2010. After two years of hard work, she was promoted to her current position of Housekeeping Manager.

In the midst of all her hard work and advancement, Yolanda found something else in MBH: the love of her life. “I met my husband here at MBH,” she fondly remembers. “We had our wedding here at the resort and even our honeymoon! That was in October of 1983.”

Yolanda and hubby then went on to have four children, all of whom are involved with MBH. “My eldest, second, and youngest are all working here at the hotel for the summer while they are on break from school. And my third child is currently working here as an Assistant HR/Sales executive.”

The most challenging time for Javier was the first year of the pandemic in 2020 when the hotel had to close its doors for a few months and uncertainty loomed in the air. When operations finally resumed in October 2020, MBH was undermanned due to the resignation of several staff and the frenzy of bookings tested Javier’s endurance. “I had to multitask, shifting between groundskeeping and housekeeping,” she shares. “I struggled with the heat, stress…almost getting sick due to fatigue, but my heart is in MBH. Bit by bit, we were able to rise up to the challenges. Even if occupancy was high, we did not receive complaints and my team worked without complaining.”

Like most long-time staff, Yolanda has developed a sense of family with her colleagues and has found her second home in MBH. “My second family here at Matabungkay Beach Hotel is very important to me, especially now that we’re 40 years old! Thanks to MBH, many of us were able to raise families and some even became employees. I sincerely hope that MBH will be around forever. Thanks to the trust given to me by my employers, I was able to survive and thrive for this long.”

Consistency equals success

Someone said that the secret to success is finding a purpose and applying consistency in your pursuit of it. Juvy Javier, Matabungkay’s top sales executive, lives up to that mantra.

Juvy joined MBH in March 1989 and has stayed with the resort to this day (33 years and counting), starting out in Front Office then moving to Sales. She says her reason for staying as long as she has is because “They treat us like family here. And this is where I have grown as a person, too.”

Growth has been something that Juvy yearns for her in profession as she remembers her early days at the resort, learning the ins and outs of her job. “My earliest memory at MBH was when the company sent me to a computer school for the basics…that helped me a lot.

“What is really memorable to me was when I became part of the MBH family,” she shares. You could say MBH is in her blood since her parents met at the resort and she and the rest is history. But like anything, there are always challenges to be met. “The toughest moment for me was when management transferred me to the sales team. The ups and downs of being a sales representative helped me a lot to be a strong person.”

Those tough moments proved to be Juvy’s defining work as she became Matabungkay Beach Hotel’s top sales executive. Her efforts have paid off as she’s been able to put up her dream home through the commissions she earned. “My special memory to share is what I have now…my little dream house,” she beams.

As Matabungkay Beach Hotel approaches its 40th anniversary, Juvy reflects, “MBH turning 40 years old means a lot to me. I’m forever grateful that I’m part of the MBH family. MBH is a big part of my entire life.”

Worth It: Greg Pineda

Camaraderie just doesn’t happen – it’s something that develops over the course of years with a strong sense of trust, accountability, and togetherness.

Greg Pineda, MBH’s in-house garment maker, knows that by heart. After all, he’s been with Matabungkay Beach Hotel for 38 years and going strong. “I’ve been with the resort for this long because I’m happy here,” he shares. “And my co-workers are nice people, as well as the owners of the company. They’ve really helped me raise my family.”

One of MBH’s reliable workers, Greg helps keep the curtains, linens, and all things related in good shape. His job is important because these said materials maintain the appearance of the resort and contribute to the guests’ experience. He cites his co-workers as one of the reasons he’s stayed at MBH for this long and the satisfaction he gets from his job. “I’m really happy when I see guests appreciate the work I’ve done at the resort, like for weddings, parties, and other events.”

As Matabungkay Beach Hotel turns 40, Greg wishes that the resort many more years to come and looks forward to more moments with his co-workers, whom he sees as his second family.

“Sometimes the work becomes really tough but there are many happy moments,” he shares, “when we all get together, especially when there’s an occasion, it’s all worth it.”