Summer is for Everyone

By Charley Antonio, MBH President

"Summer is the best time to spend with
our friends and family," says Charley Antonio.

If you’re an adult and a parent like me, then you must have muttered these words at some point in your life: “summer is for kids” (or its cousin, “Christmas is for children”). That comes as no surprise. Being an adult means a steady stream of real-world responsibilities in the form of work, bills, routines, meetings etc. Things we used to enjoy when we were students, like two-month vacations every year, are now a thing of the past – or something only our kids look forward to as their school calendars come to a close.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy summer anymore – we just enjoy it differently now. And while knowing how to “adult” (as people say these days) is important, so is having a good time. And this summer is the best time to spend with our friends and family.

At Matabungkay Beach Hotel, you can live out those carefree summers again with your family and friends and leave the noise of the adult world behind. We have many things to offer you, our guests, once you get here. If you want that rush of adrenaline, we have various aqua sports. You want to de-stress? Chill at the beach, pool or the spa. Want a great meal? We’ve got a wide menu to choose from.

Whether you’re an adult in need of some time off or you’ve got kids with a lot of energy to unleash, Matabungkay Beach Hotel has what you need for a great summer getaway. It’s time to make your reservations, plan that road trip (we’re just 3 hours away), and check-in. It’s time to make some great memories.

Things to Do

Active Lifestyle

Looking to work those muscles and get that blood flowing? Try these out for size: Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is a growing sport around the world and you can get your first lesson at Matabungkay’s very own SUP Center. Enjoy the vastness and quiet of the sea while working your core and stability each time you get on a SUP board. Matabungkay has boards for rent and an instructor ready to give you your first lesson.

Empty your mind and release some stress with a bow and arrow at the archery range. Our latest activity to be introduced at the resort, archery is a great way to practice eye/hand coordination, breathing, and timing. And there’s nothing like hitting a bulls-eye!

Get a good dose of vitamin sea by trying any of our aqua sports like banana boating, pedal boat riding, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkling and diving. It’s not a beach vacation if you don’t hit the ocean!

Are you more of a dry land person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Matabungkay has a basketball court, outdoor chess, a rock-climbing wall, and beach volley ball. Grab some friends and play a few rounds!

Chill Out, Matabungkay Style

If rest is what you seek, then rest is what you’ll find. Chill out with any of these options:

There’s noting a like a good massage to knead those tense muscles. Head over to our spa and choose from an array of massages like Swedish, Shiatsu, Hilot, or a combination of your choice.
Lounge by any of our three swimming pools and have a drink while you’re at it. Our wait staff can bring you your drink to the pool while you soak up the rays and relax. We have two adult pools and one kiddie pool.

Get out into the sea on a balsa and enjoy some quiet time. You can eat, drink, or just plain do nothing while your balsa floats out in the waters.

At night, Matabungkay lights a bonfire on the sands so guests can roast marshmallows and gather around for some bonding time.

If you like bar sports, our Wave Sports Bar has billiards and darts so you can play a few games while enjoying a cold one.

Food, Food, Food

The other thing you do most on vacation is eat and at Café Caballero, you have so many dishes to choose from. Try our guest favorites like the brick oven baked pizza (try the Kaldareta Pizza), Bulalong Batangas, Grand Matabungkay Burger, or Rodrigo’s Roast!

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“If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.”
-- Nathan Phillips, Australian actor

Nothing can be further from the truth. This summer, live like a lord at Matabungkay’s Sunset Suite where you can witness the sunrise and sunset right outside your room. In a few steps, you’ll be at the beach and the SUP Center, ready to hit the waters. Book a stay today, email us to reserve.