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Batangas Food Festival: Reinventing Batangueño Cuisine

October 2016

When in Manila, you can go to different restaurants and experience the diversity of Filipino food has to offer. There’s Ilocano, Bicolano, Kapampangan and a lot more. But when it comes to Batangueño food, first things to come to mind are bulalo and lomi. But did you know that Batangueño cuisine has a lot more to offer than just those two? That’s what we discovered at the Batangas Food Festival.


Batangas Food Fest at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

October 2016

With the semestral break just around the corner, Matabungkay Beach Hotel beckons us to come and enjoy the sun, beach and their surprisingly delicious Batangas Food Festival (BFF).


Making Batagueño Food New at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

October 2016

Adobo. Kaldereta. Suman. There's no doubt that Filipino food is as delicious and unique as they come. But in the international scene, our very own dishes don't seem to get the love that they do at home. And that's because visually, our local dishes are just not as eye-catching as say, French or Japanese cuisine.



The ideal resort getaway for family and friends is just two hours away from Manila! Located in the seaside town of Lian, Batangas, Matabungkay Beach Hotel has been a top destination for local and foreign tourists wanting to get away from it all for over 30 years. With its comfortable accommodations, wide range of outdoor activities, pampering services, and music and sports lounge, Matabungkay provides the total resort experience.

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