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Hello, 2019! Thank you, 2018!

January 2019

And just like that, it’s a new year: 2019. As we dive into the new year, we look back with gratefulness for the year that was.

Some highlights of 2018 include a photo contest we held in January, asking you, our community, why you love to return to Matabungkay. Some shared pictures of their weddings and anniversaries shared with family and friends. Some couples would come back with their children to celebrate their wedding anniversary as a family.


Batangas Food Festival 2018:
Food is the Filipino Heart

November 2018

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to show us how central food is to Filipino culture. A roommate of mine, doing an internship in the Philippines, once told me after his string of meetings, “Boy, you Filipinos just LOVE to eat, don’t you?!” And it was then that I realized that hardly any Filipino meeting will not have food at the center of it. Meetings at offices will have some sort of merienda; other meetings at restaurants will have food; and of course, when one meets at one’s house – professional or personal – the host will always have something prepared to munch on.


Summer is for Everyone

May 2018

If you’re an adult and a parent like me, then you must have muttered these words at some point in your life: “summer is for kids” (or its cousin, “Christmas is for children”). That comes as no surprise. Being an adult means a steady stream of real-world responsibilities in the form of work, bills, routines, meetings etc. Things we used to enjoy when we were students, like two-month vacations every year, are now a thing of the past – or something only our kids look forward to as their school calendars come to a close.



February 2018

When I was looking for a beach to go to, almost all resorts were fully booked. Yan kasi si Alvin, he told me na go with the flow lang daw. I should stop being uptight about everything including schedules. Kaya daw ako nag-aanxiety. Hindi talaga pwede sa akin yung ganun. I need to plan everything in advance because I get terribly pissed if nahahassle ako.


Welcome to Endless Summers!


The ideal resort getaway for family and friends is just two hours away from Manila! Located in the seaside town of Lian, Batangas, Matabungkay Beach Hotel has been a top destination for local and foreign tourists wanting to get away from it all for over 30 years. With its comfortable accommodations, wide range of outdoor activities, pampering services, and music and sports lounge, Matabungkay provides the total resort experience.

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